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Welcome, noble netsurfer!

A few words about myself:

My name is Carl Chambers. I am 27 years of age. I was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada and now living in the beautiful
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
Click here for a LIVE picture of Victoria, BC.

My plans have change a bit,
I am currently attending CDI College taking the Windows NT program.
My goal is to have my MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer)
qualification by the end of 1998.

I've just completed my Work Experience
with the best computer store in Victoria,
Compusmart Computers
and although I learned alot,
they didn't hire me Full-time.....yet :-)

My main interests with the Internet right now are
learning a bit of HTML and playing ONLINE GAMES!!
The Best way to get ahold of me is through ICQ (My UIN is 2367254),
Click Here
to add me to YOUR ICQ list.
If you you DON'T have ICQ, you can always Page ME
and I'm sure I'll try to respond right away :-)

The sections I've seen fit to include are, apart from this brief introduction:

  • Intro, this is the page you are on now (duh!).
  • Photos, has some outdated personal photos that I scanned awhile back.
  • Games, I really like Online gaming, and this page hase some links to some of the better sites.
  • Experience, I am trying to get small jobs writing webpages, and on this page there are links to some pages that I have done or worked on.
  • Resume, my personal Resume, feel free to have a look and hire me :-)
  • Links, which should be pretty much obvious.
As suggested from a good webpage writer Karl Hornell
In order to protect myself from e-mail spam, I have taken out all textual references (mailto: links) to my e-mail address and I'm keeping only the graphical representation you can see in the bottom right corner. Automated address-hunting programs can't read that, but REAL visitors should have no problems with it. However, if you want to get ahold of me, use these buttons.
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